Councilmember Treva Reid Hosts District 7’s Community Safety Task Force Day Of Action

August Community Safety Task Force Day of Action event

Community organizations pose with Councilmember Treva Reid after the completion of the August Community Safety Task Force Day of Action event

Oakland, CA On Wednesday August 31st, 2022, Councilmember Treva Reid partnered with over 30 community-based organizations, city departments, and stakeholders to host District 7’s Community Task Force Day of Action. From 82nd to 90th & International Boulevard, organizations provided residents with hot meals, toiletries, fresh food, housing support, community safety services, nutrition and wellness resources, workforce training, anti-displacement programs, mental health support, illegal dumping removal and additional services.

“I am proud to partner with organizations and leaders who understand the importance of increasing initiatives in our city that promote a culture of safety and community vitality. I have both served, and been served by community and government organizations,” said Councilmember Treva Reid, “and being on the ground really makes a difference when it comes to providing the resources needed to uplift the quality of life—especially for our seniors, single parents like myself, those seeking housing stability, family-sustaining employment and other opportunities. Our residents and small business owners don’t have the time to navigate our public agency systems for the response they deserve. It’s important to consistently show up to connect and provide services. That is how we will help transform our city, meeting people where they are with the resources they need and have long demanded.”

“Last week Councilmember Reid's office, city stakeholders, and the Oakland Police Department partnered up to give back to the community, (East Oakland) with its second pre-planned Day of Action!” said Captain Casey Johnson, Oakland Police Department Area 6 Captain, “Working as one unified team, we were able to help and assist over 100 community members with much needed services while working to build community trust within some of our most violent neighborhoods.”

Participating organizations included:

  • East Oakland Youth Development Center
  • Youth Alive!
  • Youth Uprising
  • Youth Employment Partnership Inc. (YEP)
  • Youth Bar
  • Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)
  • Vanguard Motorcycle Club
  • At Thy Word Ministries
  • Faith in Action East Bay
  • Ceasefire Strategy Team
  • The Father’s House
  • Allen Temple Baptist Church
  • Becker Boards
  • GRID Alternatives Bay Area
  • Community Kitchens
  • Better Neighborhoods Same Neighbors
  • Black Cultural Zone
  • Alameda County Social Services
  • Alameda County Food Bank
  • Alameda County Probation Department
  • The Department of Violence Prevention
  • The Oakland Police Department
  • Latino Task Force
  • AC Transit
  • Alpha Patrol Services
  • Brady United/Men of Influence
  • Cancer Support Community SF
  • the City of Oakland’s ELF team (Excess Litter Fee)
  • The Beautification Council
  • Human Good
  • East Oakland Boxing Association
  • Roots Community Health Center
  • Vision Quilt
  • Center for Elders' Independence
  • Higher Ground
  • Raising Cane’s.

“There is no equity without accessibility and if we are serious about serving our community, we have to meet folks where they are,” said Selena Wilson, CEO of East Oakland Development Center, “It was such a refreshing departure from the status quo to work with Councilmember Treva Reid and her team to literally 'bring it to the streets' through the Day of Action event.”

Last month, Councilmember Reid’s first Day of Action served more than 100 East Oakland residents with critical resources to address concerns of violence, open-air drug markets, illegal dumping, business closures and homeless encampments.

"The D7 day of action event was a chance for us to help take back our streets by showering community members with love, conversation and tons of resources,” said Candice Elder, Founder and Executive Director of East Oakland Collective, “Many community members are in need and have trouble navigating food, housing, economic resources. We were able to bring awareness directly to the people, meeting them where they are at."

“To be a great leader you must follow great leaders. Councilmember Treva Reid is a remarkable leader and her love for Oakland is second to none. Keep showing "UP", said Pastor Dixon, Senior Bishop of At Thy Word Ministries.

To stay engaged with District 7 and the next Day of Action, sign up for the District 7 newsletter.

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Posted: September 1st, 2022 9:00 AM

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