Oakland Seeks More Landlords to Open Doors for Residents with Housing Vouchers

Residents and landlords can receive new incentives if they join now

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LINK to edited version of press conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtuY5z2NH4A

Oakland, Ca – The City of Oakland is looking to attract more landlords to accept housing vouchers to help address the housing crisis. The Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) recently received 515 housing vouchers through the Biden-Harris Administration’s “American Rescue Plan,” and now seeks more landlords to open their doors to residents who are voucher-holders.

To attract property owners and landlords to join the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, the OHA is continuing to build on the success of its Owner Benefits Program, which offers incentives for property owners. Owners can now receive a signing bonus up to $1,000 for each new unit leased to a voucher holder, from either a new or existing property owners. Additionally, owners will receive a ‘Speed Leasing Bonus’ of $100 if they lease a unit through OHA’s HCV program by December 31, 2021.

Further, when owners share their feedback through an online survey they’ll be entered into a drawing for an additional $1,500.

More owner benefits also include:

  • Up to $2,250 for qualified repairs and upgrades.
  • Up to two months’ rent to re-lease the unit to a voucher holder.

OHA’s goal is to add 200 owners to join the HCV program by March 31, 2022.

New families who rent units as participants through the program can also receive special benefits through OHA’s Participant Incentive Program. Incentives for new participant families include:

  • Sign a new lease by December 31 and receive $100
  • Pay rent on time for first three months on a new lease and receive $100
  • Reach the first lease anniversary and receive $100

In 2018, Mayor Schaaf and OHA officials launched a new set of benefits to attract private property owners to the HCV program, the largest affordable housing program in the City of Oakland. The effort signed up 565 new property owners. Now, the City and Oakland Housing Authority seek even more owners to sign up to help alleviate the housing crisis.

“The America Rescue Plan is also Oakland’s Rescue Plan,” Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said. “We are delivering on a promise to provide more housing for Oaklandes right here, right now. Through these new housing vouchers and increased incentives for landlords, Oaklanders can join us in the national effort to end America’s housing crisis.”

“This award-winning program has been one of the most successful programs of the Housing Authority,” said Patricia Wells, OHA Executive Director. “Our continued partnership with the Mayor’s office, our County partners and other providers of critical services has allowed us to make a dramatic impact in the fight for more and better housing options for all Oakland families.”

“As a program of the American Rescue Plan, these vouchers will give 515 families and residents the opportunity to stay stably housed in their community,” said Alameda County Board of Supervisors, President Keith Carson “I am grateful for the ongoing partnership Alameda County has with our local leaders at the City Oakland, Oakland Housing Authority as well as our federal representatives in our collective efforts to end homelessness.”

“Building strong and lasting partnerships with property owners is a big part of our strategy for ending homelessness in Alameda County. Securing additional housing units will enable people who have sheltered in hotels or trailers as part of the State’s Project Roomkey program to be placed in safe and stable housing. By pairing federal subsidies with locally funded services, we have seen more than 1,000 county residents, mostly seniors and people with medical conditions, move from hotels into housing this year,” said Kerry Abbott, Director of Homeless Care and Coordination, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency.

For unit connections countywide, interested owners can email ACHomes@acgov.org

If property owners wish to help keep Oakland economically diverse, and make a difference and participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program, please contact OHA’s Leased Housing Department Owner Services Division by calling (510) 587-2111 or email Ownerservices2@oakha.org

About the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA)

The Oakland Housing Authority is the largest provider of affordable housing in the City of Oakland and proudly delivers diverse housing opportunities to over 16,400 families in Oakland, and through an additional contract with HUD, provides oversight and contract administration services for over 41,000 Project Based Rental Assistance units in Northern California. For more information about the OHA, please contact us at info@oakha.org, visit our website at www.oakha.org, or call 510-874-1563.


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