The OakDOT Crossing Guard Program

Crossing Guards are an important school and community resource for safety. The Oakland Department of Transportation Crossing Guard program (formerly managed by the Oakland Police Department until early 2021) is comprised of part-time employees under the supervision of the School Traffic Safety Supervisor in the Safe Streets Division of OakDOT.

Crossing Guard at Franklin Elementary
Crossing Guard at Franklin Elementary

The primary responsibility of these Crossing Guards is to safely guide and protect pedestrians, specifically younger age students, across the street at strategic intersections, predominantly serving Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Elementary Schools. They work two shifts a day, first in the morning when students are arriving to school, and then again in the afternoon, when students depart from school.

The Role of Crossing Guards

Crossing Guards are trained to stop vehicular traffic to allow pedestrians to safely cross the street at their assigned intersections. OakDOT Crossing Guards wear highly visible traffic safety uniforms and carry an official STOP sign paddle. Crossing Guards also carry a whistle that is used before stepping into the intersections to alert oncoming vehicles that pedestrians will be entering the crosswalk. They ensure that all vehicles have recognized their alerts and are slowing down and coming to a stop before signaling pedestrians to cross. Crossing Guards are not authorized to direct the flow of vehicular traffic.

Where Crossing Guards are Located

This map indicates the locations where OakDOT Crossing Guards are assigned in Oakland relative to their respective schools and is updated monthly. If you are seeking a crossing guard at your school, please see the Requesting School Safety Improvements section below.

We're Hiring!

(Updated 10/7/2021)

Are you interested in helping Oakland youth live safely and thrive in our community? Are you interested in connecting with and supporting our youth on a daily basis? We’re hiring! With schools back in session, we are seeking to fill Crossing Guard positions as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is interested in applying to be a crossing guard, please email If you are seeking a crossing guard at your school, please see the Requesting School Safety Improvements section below.

Requesting School Safety Improvements

OakDOT and OUSD meet regularly to discuss school traffic safety concerns. The best way for a parent or resident to elevate a traffic safety issue is to raise their concern with school officials, who will discuss them with OUSD transportation staff. As different parents may have different ideas about their school traffic needs, this process ensures that requests are consistent within and between schools and on the radar of school officials.