Oakland’s Response to Homelessness

Oakland, together we can meet this crisis, expand our progress, and reduce homelessness in our community.

If you or someone you know is hungry, homeless, or housing insecure - Call 2-1-1

Our Response

Oakland Community Cabins

Homelessness has doubled in the last 10 years. Driven by a housing crisis and continuing economic inequality that hits Oakland’s most vulnerable. To reduce homelessness, we must slow its growth and keep more people in their homes.

Oakland has responded to the crisis level surge in homelessness with emergency measures like community cabins. We’ve created a system of effective strategies that address homelessness at every step in the cycle. We are ready to scale up for reductions in homelessness, though new state and federal funds and more intergovernmental coordination are needed.

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Recent Milestones

1,800+ households

kept in homes through Keep Oakland Housed in Fiscal Year 19-20

880 people

moved from homelessness to permanent housing in Fiscal Year 19-20


Oakland doubled transitional housing capacity from 2018-2020

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