Oakland Public Works: Our Mission, Vision and Values

Below please find the Mission, Vision, and Values statements revised and published by Oakland Public Works in August 2018.



Oakland Public Works is dedicated to you! We strive to maintain, improve and preserve Oakland’s infrastructure and environment for the residents, businesses, visitors and future generations of every neighborhood in our diverse city.


We envision an Oakland that provides and supports:

· Living and working conditions that are healthy, safe and clean

· Easy and equitable access to services

· Transparent, accountable, and efficient use of public resources

· Responsible, sustainable stewardship of our environment

Together we will achieve this vision through innovation, civic engagement, and customer service.


These core values guide our mission and vision as an APWA-accredited organization:

· Community and Employee Safety

· Integrity and Accountability

· Equity, Diversity and Fairness

· Open, Clear and Responsive Communication

· Excellent and Efficient Service Delivery

· Sustainable Community and Protection of the Environment

· Ongoing Staff Development and Mentorship

· Innovation

· Teamwork and Partnership

We take pride in employees who exhibit these values in all interactions with each other and with the community.