Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP) - Draft Zoning Amendments

The City of Oakland wants your feedback on proposed zoning amendments for the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan!

The Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP) has been developed in multiple publicly reviewed iterations over the past several years, including having been revised in response to the public comments received in late 2019 and to address COVID-19 recovery. The DOSP will be brought to City Council for adoption later this year. This Plan provides policy guidance on development, linking land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public spaces, cultural belonging, and social equity in Downtown Oakland.

The DOSP’s Zoning Amendments will include changes to both the Zoning Map and Planning Code. These are the first step toward implementing the Plan’s goals and policies. This page provides information about the Draft Zoning Amendments, opportunities to learn more, and ways to share your feedback. Click the link below to take a survey about the proposed amendments.

Review the Draft Zoning Amendments

Zoning Districts Map

The bulk of the proposed zoning maps and amendments to the Planning Code were published April 27, 2022, with the details of Zoning Incentive Program (ZIP), including the base and incentive intensities and required community benefit contributions released July 6, 2022. Some of the maps were also updated on July 6. The Draft General Plan Amendments are available as well. The public comment period will close on May 26, 2023.

Please review all the Draft Planning Code, Zoning Map and General Plan Amendments and collaboratively share your feedback with other Oaklanders by visiting our interactive Konveio page.

You may also read a summary and download all the materials separately at the links below.

Amendments & Summary


Interactive Map of Proposed Zoning and Interactive Map Key

Static Maps:

Background Information

Public Meetings

The City of Oakland has held a series of virtual public meetings to solicit feedback on draft zoning amendments. These included three sessions on key aspects of the proposed amendments, two DOSP Community Advisory Group (CAG) meetings and hearings of the Planning Commission’s Zoning Update Committee (ZUC) and the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (LPAB). Community members are invited to attend these virtual meetings.

Click here to get information about past DOSP Meetings.

Related Meetings

Informational Videos

Watch these videos to learn more about the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan, the proposed changes to make downtown more livable, and about zoning in general.

What is the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan?: View this video in Chinese or Spanish:

What is Zoning?: View this video in Chinese or Spanish:


Click here to return to the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan main page where you can read the Draft Plan and Environmental Impact Report and sign up to receive updates, reminders, and information about how to participate in community discussions about the amendments.

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