Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP)

The City of Oakland is preparing a specific plan for downtown Oakland to ensure continued growth and revitalization to benefit both downtown residents and the larger community. The plan will provide sound policy guidance on development, linking land use, transportation, economic development, housing, public spaces, cultural arts, and social equity. Amendments to the City’s Zoning Map and Planning Code are the first step to implementing the Plan’s goals.


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Planning Process

About the Plan

Downtown Oakland Specific Plan boundary map.

This is the sixth specific plan undertaken in Oakland in recent years, and the first ever for downtown. Creating a specific plan for this remaining area will help weave together the existing specific plans in the surrounding areas (shown in the map at right).

All specific plans involve significant participation from the public and other governmental agencies. Emerging themes include:

  • Housing and affordability
  • Economic opportunity
  • Social and racial equity
  • Culture keeping
  • Preservation and an inclusive public realm
  • Connectivity & mobility


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