Loan Refinancing and Subordination Requests

If you desire to subordinate or refinance your mortgage due to financial hardship, emergency home improvement, or property repair needs; Please click on the "Download Forms" tab and review our Loan Subordination Checklist guidelines carefully. Should you choose to proceed; Download the forms and your lender or title company should assist you in completing and submitting the application with all required supporting documents.

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Loan Subordination Application and Checklist

Mailing Address or Visit in Person (By Appointment Only)

Housing and Community Development 250 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.
Suite: 5313 Attention Loan Servicing
Oakland, CA 94612

Fax: 510-238-3794; Email:

Please Note: Approval is not guaranteed. All subordination requests are subject to the underwriting of the application and supporting documents. If an application is approved, the City of Oakland will agree that its loan will be subordinate to a separate loan that shall be specified in the application package.