Non-Development Tree Removal Permit Application

A Non-Development Tree Removal Permit is required to remove trees on public or private property, including front and back yards.

NOTE: To remove trees as part of a permitted construction project, please visit our Apply for Development-Related Tree Removal Permit webpage.

City-owned trees on City lots or in public rights of way are also subject to the permit process unless they are an immediate hazard.

The minimum fee for a non-development-related tree removal application is $518.62, plus an additional 14.75% tech fee.


  • Log in to our Online Permit Center (please register for a light registration to apply for a permit)
  • Click on the "Continue to Building and Public Works" button
  • Click the "Public Works" arrow to open the list of available permits
  • Select "(ND) - Non-Developmental Tree Permit" to continue your application

For questions about the online permit process, please call 510-615-5934 or email