Statement of Economic Interest/Form 700

Please see the information below on Form 700s including how to view them online. (this does not include filed Candidate Form 700s. Please contact the City Clerk's Office for Candidate Form 700s)

Form 700
Form 700 FAQ
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Who Must File Form 700

Public officials and designated employees must file Statements of Economic Interest. Public officials are specified in Government Code Section 87200. They include mayors, council members, city attorneys, city managers, planning commissioners, and persons who manage public investments. Additionally, candidates for elected positions are required to file a Candidate statement.


City Council Members

Dan Kalb

Nikki Bas

Carroll Fife

Janani Ramachandran

Noel Gallo

Kevin Jenkins

Treva Reid

Rebecca Kaplan


Sheng Thao

Planning Commissioners (including alternates)

Clark Manus

Tom Limon

Jonathan Fearn

Ron Jones

Sahar Shirazi

Vince Sugrue

Jennifer Renk

City Administrator

Steven Falk (Interim)

City Attorney

Barbara Parker

City Treasurer/Finance Director

Erin Roseman

Designated employees and certain consultants who hold positions that involve making or participating in the making of decisions, which may foreseeably have a material effect on the holder’s financial interests also must file. Such positions are listed in the City’s conflict of interest code; people in these positions must file Statements of Economic Interests pursuant to the disclosure categories specified in that code.

Note: Designated filers and items reported on an individual’s Form 700 are determined by the disclosure category assigned to their specific position in the City’s Conflict of Interest Code.