Use City-owned Outdoor Property

Since the start of Flex Streets, the City of Oakland has made available unutilized City-owned outdoor properties to retail businesses and restaurants which are unable to operate in the public right of way or on private property as provided under the FlexStreets program.

Posted: June 19th, 2020 11:40 AM

Last Updated: March 21st, 2022 9:40 AM

Use of outdoor City properties wasprovided through short-term license agreements developed through the Real Estate Division of the Economic & Workforce Development Department.

Consistent with the Oakland Municipal Code, businesses were required to pay fair market value for use of City property. However, to promote equitable economic recovery, businesses located in an area of the City that has been disproportionately impacted or is disproportionately vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus could qualify for reduced fees.

City-owned property will no longer be available under the Flex Streets Initiative after June 2023. Until this date, businesses that wish to utilize City property are encouraged to explore the City’s portfolio of real property and then complete and submit the application form.

After June June 2023, business may still submit proposals to utilize City-owned property and, if approved, would be subject to standard provisions, which generally require entering into a license agreement, complying with the City's insurance requirements and paying fair-market rent, among other requirements.

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