Remote Building Permit Inspections

City of Oakland Permit Inspection Services is offering permit building inspections performed remotely using Microsoft Teams for certain projects.

Remote Inspection Handout

Posted: April 30th, 2020 11:37 AM

Last Updated: June 18th, 2021 9:54 AM

How to Have a Remote Inspection for Your Permitted Project

Permit inspectors will be screening inspections during their morning calls and offering the ability to conduct your permit inspection remotely.


During extremely poor air quality events, inspections may be conducted remotely until further notice.

When AQI exceeds 201 or upon direction from City of Oakland City Administrator, all permit inspections will be conducted remotely until further notice.

In order to have your remote inspection you will need to install Microsoft Teams on your device.

Download Microsoft Teams on your preferred device: iPhone App Store Microsoft Teams, Google Play Microsoft Teams, Desktop Microsoft Teams

The building inspector will send you a Teams Meeting invite with the remote inspection time window. Please be available during that time.

At minimum, the connectivity of the site should have a good LTE or 5G cellular or wi-fi connection. Typically, a good LTE or 5G cellular connection is 4 bars and in wi-fi a full strength icon or "excellent" message.

The permit inspector will guide you through the remote inspection and request that you move and zoom into different areas for the inspection to take place. The permit inspector may request that you send pictures to their email of specific items noted during the remote inspection.

Please have all required items as you would have for an on-site inspection available: Approved plans and revisions, job card, manufacturer literature/manuals, electric testers, ladders, good lighting, and other tools or documents normally needed for a building inspection.

Please ensure that the job site is clean and that all noise is paused for the duration of the remote inspection.