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Oakland has launched an effort to design and build a new Community Center at Mosswood Park. The community is an essential partner in this effort, beginning with a Visioning and Master Plan Phase. Together we will envision the possibilities for the future Community Center and Park. It is critical to the success of this facility that we hear from YOU.

In Process
Start date:
Oct 1, 2019


In November 2016, the Mosswood Performing Arts and Recreation Center, built in 1953, burned to the ground. Temporary facilities have been installed to house core center programs, such as after school programs, summer camp, computer lab and cooking classes, until the new Center is built.

The vision for the new Community Center is to create a vibrant destination for civic, cultural, social, educational, and recreational activities. The Community Center will incorporate sustainable design principles and the City's ‘Art in Public Places’ program. It will be inclusive of a diverse community of users, universally accessible, flexible in use, and thoughtfully designed.

Mosswood Park is an iconic Oakland institution and North Oakland cultural hub. The eleven-acre public park was established in 1910, and is operated by the Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development Department. The park has been the home of pre-famous NBA players and decades of significant cultural events. The Community Center project will be planned and developed through an intensive community engagement process, and the design team and City staff will engage with community stakeholders throughout the design process. The purpose of the initial Visioning, Programming, Park Master Plan and Concept Design Phase will be to explore -with the community- the feasibility of options for the Community Center, while preserving and enhancing the overall park experience. The City currently has funding for Design, but additional funds must be raised in order to build the new Community Center.

For questions about the new Community Center project, please contact Project Manager, Christine Reed. (contact details below)

For all other inquiries, including questions about Mosswood programs and services, please call the Recreation Center: 510-597-5038. You can also visit the Mosswood Recreation Center page.


Past Meetings:

Community Workshop #1 at Mosswood Rec Center, Saturday October 19th 11am - 1pm

Community Workshop #2 at Mosswood Rec Center, Tuesday November 12 6pm – 8pm

Community Workshop #3 at Mosswood Rec Center, Saturday November 16 11am-1pm

Community Workshop #4 at Studio One Arts Center/North Oakland Recreation Center, Saturday January 11, 2020 11am-1pm

Community Workshop #5 at Studio One Arts Center/North Oakland Recreation Center, Saturday February 1, 2020 11am-1pm

Community Workshop #6 at Mosswood Rec Center, Saturday March 7, 2020 11am-1pm

Upcoming Meetings:

Project Updates will be shared via the Mosswood Recreation Advisory Council (RAC); meetings are typically held the first Wednesday of the month. Please join the RAC here:

Mosswood Recreation Advisory Council (RAC) April 7, 2021 6:30pm -
Community Center Design Presentation



Community Engagement + Master Plan Phase
Fall 2019 - Spring 2020
Summer 2020 - Summer 2021
Spring 2022 - Summer 2023