Lake Merritt BART Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Project

This proposed project is a two-block transit-oriented development project at 51 9th Street (Block 1) and 107 8th Street (Block 2). The project proposes 557 residential units (including 233 affordable units), up to 500,000 sf of office space, up to 16,500 sf of ground floor retail and food service, ~2,000 sf for a commercial kitchen, 6,200 sf for day care, and a total of 408 parking spaces. The project includes a public paseo and BART plaza.

In Process
Start date:
Feb 26, 2020


Project Background and Application

The Lake Merritt Station Area Plan community engagement process began in 2008 and the Lake Merritt Station Area Plan was adopted by City Council in late 2014. The Station Area Plan lays out a community-based vision for the roughly one-half-mile radius around the Lake Merritt BART Station in Downtown Oakland (PLN20038). The two development sites included in this Preliminary Development Plan are located in the center of the Planning Area and both blocks are identified as “Opportunity Sites” in the Station Area Plan.

In the Spring of 2018, BART released a request for qualifications for a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) at two blocks owned by BART at the Lake Merritt BART station. In May 2018, BART invited four teams to submit a proposal and in September 2018, BART selected the STRADA/EBALC team to develop the site. In March 2019, BART and the applicant team submitted a pre-application for initial review and coordination with the City. The applicant team submitted a formal application for the Preliminary Development Plan to the City of Oakland in February 2020 and CEQA review was initiated. The application was deemed complete in November 2020.

Developer Contact Information

William Goodman, 314-276-0707





Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) Deemed Complete
November 20, 2020
PDP goes to Design Review Committee (DRC)
April 14, 2021