Emerald Views Residential Development Project

This project was formerly known as 222 19th Street Development Project. The project proposed the demolition of the existing garden associated with the historic August Schilling estate and construction of a 42-story residential high-rise (457’-9” to the top of the pyramidal roof form) containing 370 for-sale units, a 933 sq. ft. of ground floor café, and 357 parking spaces in five levels of underground parking.



Project Location: The site is located at 222 19th Street (APN: 008-0634-003-00) between Snow Park and the Regillus apartment building and behind the 244 Lakeside apartment building.

Building Program and Floor Plans The residential tower would have a footprint of approximately 12,035 sq. ft. The east and west sides of the tower would curve slightly outwards, the north and south sides of the tower angle slightly inward. The residential tower would have an overall contemporary appearance. The lower floors (floors 1 through 3) would be clad in pre-cast simulated stone panels with aluminum spandrel panels forming a transition to the all glass skin of the upper floors. Floors 4 through 42 would be sheathed in light-green glass. The tower would include a vertical design element on both narrow facades (northern and southern facades) of the building, which would consist of a notched aluminum composite panel structure. Up-lighting would be placed at the base of the notch to emphasize the verticality of the tower at night. The tower would terminate in a split pyramidal roof-form, with louvered sloped planes and twin spires. The night-time illumination shown on the plans is internal to the pyramids and is intend to allow light to be seen from below, but maintaining a "dark sky" from above the building. The ground floor would include a lobby, a cafe, a lounge, management offices, mail boxes, back-of-house mechanical spaces and recycling and trash areas. The lounge and cafe would have access to a patio adjacent to Snow Park. The 2nd and 3rd floors of the residential tower would include an interior swimming pool, whirlpool, gym and locker rooms, in addition to a private party room, screening rooms, and a meeting room. The residential units start on the 4th floor and continue up to the 41st floor; floors 40 and 41 contain penthouse units. The 42nd floor would be dedicated to the mechanical equipment. The condominiums are a combination of one-bedroom (689-741 sq. ft.), two-bedroom (1,190-1,254 sq. ft.), and penthouse units (1,189-1,960 sq. ft.). Five stories of below-grade parking would be constructed to provide approximately 357 off-street parking spaces. Ingress and egress to the garage within the site would be from 19th Street via a sloped driveway on the southern portion of the site. A curb cut/drop-off area would be provided along 19th Street. Open space is provided through 20,854 sq. ft. of group space and 14,222 sq. ft. of private space. The group open space includes:

  • An entry plaza with colored concrete, stone paving, a water feature, and landscaping along 19th Street.
  • A stone patio, a water feature, and an arbor would be adjacent to Snow Park. A portion of this area will be used as outdoor seating for the café.
  • A fountain and several benches relocated from the existing garden, trees and plants, a decorative concrete sidewalk, and potting shed are located along the northern edge of the site, adjacent to 244 Lakeside.
  • Trees and plants, and a trellis with vines is shown located adjacent to the Regillus.
  • Two open to the air viewing terraces at the 40th floor.
  • Roof deck space on the 42nd floor with planter boxes and seating.

Private open space is provided through terraces and balconies Green Building The proposed tower would incorporate a number of green building features and would seek a Build It Green rating certification. The proposed green building features that the project applicant is committed to include:

  • Photovoltaic panels.
  • Solar collectors (pre-heated domestic hot water).
  • Rain water collection for irrigating plants on the roof terrace and the garden at ground floor level.
  • Sprinkler reservoir for geo-thermal exchange HVAC for common areas.
  • Materials with a high recycled content and/or from sustainable sources and promoting recycling.
  • Promote indoor environmental quality by using low-VOC materials and promoting daylighting and views.

The proposed green building features that the project applicant is still reviewing include:

  • Vertical axis wind turbines as an alternative source of energy.
  • Treating and recycling rain water to use it for flushing toilets.

Project Sponsors:

David and Kari O´Keeffe



Map image of Emerald Views Residential Development ProjectEmerald Views Residential Development Project




Phone Numbers

Heather Klein: 510-238-3659