District 4 Councilmember Janani Ramachandran


Portrait of Janani Ramachandran

Janani Ramachandran

Janani Ramachandran is the City Councilmember for Oakland’s District 4.

Ramachandran is a public interest attorney who has dedicated her life to empowering communities and fighting for responsive government institutions. A graduate of Stanford University and Berkeley Law, Ramachandran has worked at various legal nonprofits, and served on the board of violence prevention nonprofits across Oakland. She is a Commissioner on the California Commission for API American Affairs, and previously served on the City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission. Ramachandran is an East Bay native, and a former professional musician.

Ramachandran is the youngest person elected to Oakland’s City Council, as well as the first South Asian and first LGBTQ woman of color to serve on Oakland City Council.

Ramachandran is honored to represent Oakland’s District 4. She looks forward to building a safe, vibrant Oakland, and accountable City Hall.

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